For so long I wondered if this thing we call life was all it was cracked up to be. But, the ultimate lightbulb moment (actually there were quite a few all in a row) changed everything and led me to where I am is my story...

Who am I and why coaching?

I want to tell you why I am here, and why I want you to join me.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I have always wanted to carve my own path.  

I also felt extremely compelled to make an impact, to help make the world a better place - sounds corny I know, but that thought has never left me.

When I was young I struggled to fit in, not quite belonging anywhere.  Yes, I was good at sports, and I thrived at school, but there was something missing.

I was small, cheeky, full of energy, and always had an opinion to be shared.

I remember admiring people who ignored what others said was possible, and pushed through those seemingly insurmountable barriers.  These were the people that made a difference in the world...they made other people dare to dream. And that is just pure excitement right there!

Could I be like them?


That is when the self-doubt crept in.  Surely, I wasn't destined for greatness, I was just a small town boy from New Zealand. I should just settle down into a normal job (like everyone kept telling me to do) and follow the path that others had chosen for me.  

So, I did.

At this same time I became extremely interested in sprinting.  I had always been fast, but never thought I could be a sprinter.  But, my Dad was one (and a very good one at that), so I remember asking him if I should give it a go.  He took me down to the local athletic track and I was hooked.  The exhilaration, the buzz, that came from speed.

I did quite well, won national titles at the junior level and was even selected to represent my country.  But, when I hit a few roadblocks (injuries, motivation etc) I just gave up.  I was competing to show others I was good enough.  Trying to prove a point to them. After a while, that became very hollow.  So, at 21 I walked away from what I loved doing. Crazy huh...!

Fast forward 15 years. 

I was working as a commercial negotiator and earning great money. BUT, I was bored, frustrated and struggled to settle in one role for very long.  I constantly asked myself ‘Is this all there is?  Is this my life now until the end?  Surely there had to more to it, a greater purpose, a destiny perhaps, or a legacy?

At the same time, my best friend encouraged me to get back into sprinting.  I was rather solid (nice way of saying fat, out of shape and lazy), but I decided to give it a try.

I rediscovered my love for sprinting, and questioned my career choice at the same time. 

Poor timing?  Quite the opposite.  Feeling fit and focused in my sport (albeit I was now an ageing athlete) and that had a significant impact on my career.

I decided I wanted to start doing exactly what I wanted and show my family just how to create new possible.

This proved rather time consuming, challenging, frustrating and at times completely demoralising.

But, I looked to my sprinting for inspiration.  Here I was creating new possible as an older athlete competing against all the young guys and more than holding my own.  More importantly, I loved it.  It made me happy.  I loved my kids watching me race.  I wanted that for my work.

I realised that I had learnt so much on my journey of self-discovery – as much about what didn’t work as what did – and I felt compelled to share this with others. 

I discovered my vision, my purpose - A world where people challenge the status quo and conventional wisdom, and go beyond what they thought possible”

Everything suddenly made sense.  I wanted to share this with as many people as I could, and empower and encourage them to break their shackles, create happiness, generate success and simply do what they want to do.  This was the impact I wanted to make.

This brings us to now…

#EPICDADS is my's my mission. It's about creating more #EPICDADS that make a massive impact in all that they do - showing their kids (and anyone else that is watching) that anything's possible.

There really is nothing stopping you becoming an #EPICDAD, so join us on the journey to creating new possible!