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What I do is HELP men, just like you, create REAL WEALTH...and live a life you wouldn't trade for anything

But I had to create mine first


I used to have “everything”.  The "soap opera" life.  The thriving corporate career, the nice house in the suburbs, the beautiful family, the life you're told you should want.

But when I look back on that time I can see how miserable I was.  I tried to hide it, but the photos from that time tell a similar story.  I looked and felt unhappy, tired, bored, busy, and always chasing. On reflection, I was conforming and playing small. Letting my ego dictate my actions.


Something my son said changed everything. He asked, "why are you always grumpy Dad".  Talk about a massive slap to the face. The reality was the things that REALLY mattered to me were being significantly negatively impacted by things that really didn't.


I wasn't willing to accept this so I quit the soap opera life (literally that day, but I don't recommend that approach) and committed to creating the life I wanted.  I had most of the "pieces" but I didn't really know how to fit them all together. So I spent more than a year basically going around in circles, too stubborn to seek help, fearful that would make me less of a man.sought some help, starting with getting clear and got clear on my:

➡️ PURPOSE (the non ego/self driven one)



➡️ And the VALUE I have to share with the world.

I took some risks, and did the hard work (which is definitely not the same as working long and hard)...and it paid off. BIG TIME.


I banished busy and started travelling the world with my family - creating moments. And turned the clock back on my sporting career.

All WITHOUT unnecessary sacrifice and suffering.

Probably the biggest epiphany was discovering how to monetise my value - helping successful men connect with their masculinity, help and serve others and create REAL WEALTH (more time, fun, impact, money & freedom).


That was the trigger to show courage, conviction and commitment and go all in and having it all.


And I’ve seen this ⬆️ work with >1000 clients since 2012.

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