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I've made $Millions here on LinkedIn

And my clients, when added together, are in the many $Tens of Millions over the last 10 years.

I'm not sharing this to brag (I am not special - simply a small town boy from a small country), but rather to show what's possible, what YOU can achieve when you get clear on what REAL WEALTH looks like to you

And to be honest it’s NOT about the money - it’s a fantastic enabler though. It’s about more than that, much more.

Money is one of the outcomes, one of the benefits, that comes from creating the life YOU want.

The lifestyle, the fun, the time, the impact AND the freedom.

Ultimately, it’s about doing:

✅ What you want

✅ When you want

✅ Where you want

✅ How you want

✅ And with whom you want.

For me, that means travelling the world with my wife and kids (following summer - the sun, surf and sand), enjoying the coffee and food I love (each and every day), working with amazing clients from all over the world (helping and serving others), competing with the 20-somethings in the sport I love (sprinting) and being impulsive - doing what feels right.

Essentially, it’s about avoiding the #1 regret of the dying (living someone else’s life) by living a life YOU wouldn’t trade for anything.

That, right there ⬆️ is REAL WEALTH.

And there’s no secret, no hack, and no unnecessary sacrifice or suffering required.

Creating your REAL WEALTH is actually very simple...

It's all about creating your value (your gold)

AND learning how to share it with the world to help and serve others.

How do you create your value?

Take your non ego-driven purpose, vision, identity and passions (your why, what and who) and mix them all together. The outcome of that is your value, your gold. What you can do unlike anyone else.

It’s never been simpler (not easy though) to achieve than right now. And perhaps never more important with all the craziness going on - mass firings etc.

That said, I know from my own experience - and talking to tens of thousands of successful men about this exact thing over the last decade - that this can be VERY overwhelming. With all the expectations and responsibilities making safety and security (the status quo) the easier option - and more comfortable.

But that approach does NOT end well (see the #1 regret of the dying ⬆️).

That’s why I’ve created something for people just like you, to make the journey to REAL WEALTH (more fun, time, impact and freedom) faster, better and much more likely to be successful.

My Real Wealth Academy, a 6 month group coaching/mastermind based on my work with my VIP 1:1 clients, with access to my inner circle and experts that have helped me on my journey.

If you’re interested to find out more, comment “MORE” below or send me a DM saying you'd like to see what it's all about.

If not, that's cool. Simply get started by defining your non-ego driven purpose, your vision, your identity, your passions so you can determine your value.

Then learn how to use it to help and serve others - and to trade that for time, fun, money, impact and freedom.

Let's get you some REAL WEALTH...


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