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More Fun, More experiences, More sex

Not a bad trio of things right

And YOU have it all at your fingertips.

Over the last week or so I’ve talked about business/career and health & wellbeing.

Today it’s relationships. True connection with the people that matter the most - whoever that might be for YOU.

It’s easy to take these relationships for granted. To leave them on autopilot. But your connection with your loved ones is your lifeblood.

They make your life BETTER in every single way.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve received messages from clients covering the following:

  • One said I’d saved his marriage

  • Another said he was enjoying far more “intimacy” was his wife

  • And a third one outlined how a client’s daughter had said “You’ve changed Daddy, and I love this version so much more”.

Now, it wasn’t me that did these things, it was the clients themselves.

But I will give you the same advice that I gave them and you can apply it AND see what happens:

➀ Date your spouse/partner

Like you did in the early days. Be creative, be impulsive, show them how special they are to you.

It might be a lunch date, an evening one, or a weekend away. Whatever you choose, make it often and make it all about your connection.

Often the outcome is acting like you’re 18 again. remember what that included…

➁ Date days with your kids

1 on 1 time is special. It’s how you build that deeper bond. So, have 1:1 time with your kids.

Make them your OLNY focus for that day. Get them to help plan what you do. This provides an opportunity to really get to know each other

And watch their smile grow and grow.

➂ Tell the people close to you (the intimate few) what they mean to you and why

This can be hard and confronting but it holds so much value. Too much is left unsaid (or not shown). Simply sharing the impact someone has (and has had) on you is special.

It deepens the connection instantly, enriching the relationship for both of you.

The timing couldn’t be better as we head into the Christmas period. And there’s no doubt that investing time and energy in those close to you provides a win for everyone.

It becomes a habit, a non-negotiable, and that’s when the journey really kicks off.


And it starts with you being present. That’s what the above ⇧⇧⇧ is all about. Give the people that matter the most to you, all of you.

I’ll be in touch early next week with a response to a question quite a few of you have asked me in DMs recently

And the elves are still working on my Christmas present for you - but it will all be sorted before the big day.


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