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Putting diesel in a Ferrari…

Can you imagine putting diesel in a Ferrari?

It wouldn’t end well. You’d ruin a high-performance machine from the inside out.

You simply wouldn’t do it, certainly not on purpose.

A Ferrari demands the highest quality fuel…and you’re no different. You are what you consume, on all levels.

So what does that mean for you?

Last week I talked about business/career, today it’s health & well-being.

Health & well-being is too often forgotten in a busy world, where the hustle and grind means time is limited. Convenience is king, and YOU take a back seat.

Today I’m going to help you change that and make sure you’re in the BEST shape possible - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Because it has endless benefits, including:

✅ You recover faster

✅ You can perform more often and for longer

✅ You feel better

✅ You can deal with speed bumps

✅ More energy for all the fun things in life

✅ Others pay attention - because you walk the walk.

Having worked with numerous Olympic and world champions, and NFL and NBA superstars I’ve seen how the best prepare. How they set about treating their body, mind and soul like a temple.

Let's be honest, they’re not perfect all the time - we all need an outlet - but their default is what counts. It becomes the rule NOT the exception.

And I've tested and tailored it for me and my clients to ensure that your mind, body and soul are not barriers, but rather enablers of impact and freedom.

You can dive deep on this one, and get very specific, but I want to give you 3 ways you can enhance your health and well-being now:

➊ Sleep

Most people don’t sleep enough, instead choosing to squeeze more in. There’s a better way… sleep more And most likely, LOTS more. Ideally 8-9 hours day.

I used to burn the candle at both ends thinking I didn’t need sleep. But I watched a documentary that emphasised the impact of sleep. And sure enough, when I started sleeping more EVERYTHING got better.

It helps with recovery, focus, energy, excitement (I could go on but that’s compelling enough).

➋ Move

Exercise is your best friend. It keeps you young. You don’t need to be an elite athlete but pushing yourself will generate significant returns

It can be anything from a walk on the beach or in the mountains, a swim, the gym, whatever is best for you. Set some goals and get moving.

➌ Meditate & journal

I know that’s really 4 but I’m rolling these in together for this. It might be one or the other, or both. Writing your feelings and thoughts is a fantastic way to truly see. And quietening the noise around you simply enhances that.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, I haven’t even mentioned food, morning/evening routines, or the other noise that is in everyday life.

But if you commit to implementing these, I know you will see a significant step forward in YOUR health and well-being. And that’s a solid foundation to create from.

To create MORE fun, impact, money, experiences/memories, freedom and fulfilment.

Next up…it’s relationships. With you and your loved ones.

And I haven’t forgotten about my Christmas present for you. The elves are building it right now - at least I hope they are.


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